15 Nov 2011
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director

Having lived in the UK for 12 years I have not been asked to remove my shoes in someone’s house…well in precisely that same amount of time.  I don’t understand it, really cannot abide by it…so I’m thinking to launch these leather and felt charmers that are in all the state owned palaces in Czech Republic.   Maybe some feather and hand embroidered versions in collaboration with Louboutin?! Watcha think…?

5 Responses to “Oh my God, Oh my God…at long last.”

  1. avatar mary says:

    You could also adorn them with rock crystal beading. Thanks!! Mary

  2. avatar Susan says:

    They’d have to still COVER the entire shoe to keep all the street-yuckiness off my rugs! (The Swedish influence is strong in this one…)

  3. Avid gardener with a smallholding. I will buy a set!

  4. avatar Asher Rozenberg says:

    You’ve never visited any one with toddlers, who ‘lick’ the floor?

  5. avatar Colette says:

    Asher thats so funny! I have been there..twice but i confess mine never licked the floor. This is a debate that never resolves itself but just proves there probably IS a market for my ‘designer over slippers’! xx

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