24 Nov 2011
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director

So hard for it honey…sometimes there is nary a moment for lunch. So sometimes one just can’t be choosy and Molly and I dash into the nearest joint en route to Christies South Ken.

Our design/decorator readers will know how exhausting installations can be, and it’s possible I’m slightly punch drunk, but as soon as we sit down I start to realize this interior is actually two minutes shy of something entirely great.  Ok well maybe 10 minutes but let’s just take a look past all that visual mess.

Sort of wonderful stylised coining around mirror arches…like.

Lumpy plaster and acanthus leaves over mirror pediments…like

I just can’t help but dream how divine we could make this lickity-split.

Molly is laughing at me….so off we go.

6 Responses to “She Works Hard fo’ the Money…”

  1. avatar mary says:

    So cool. Mary

  2. avatar susie says:

    A bit of gingham and it would look like a Bonnard!

  3. avatar linda says:

    Refreshingly unpretentious isn’t it. That rather original shade of blue (surely not Farrow & Ball’s lovely “Off Black”?) on the ceiling holds the shambles together.

  4. avatar Karena says:

    Colette, So true always looking for ways to improve spaces, I am guilty of it!!

    Love and Hugs

    Art by Karena

  5. Always can be improved & I’m impressed your mind was there in a punch drunk state of installation. Hope you’re well.

  6. i would be thinking the same thing!!!

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