2 Dec 2011
avatar Author: Nicky Haslam

I’m nearly faint with excitement….Anderson and Sheppard, the most brilliant tailors on the planet, have just delivered the evening suit they have made me, in the twinkling of a needle, for my cabaret performance at the Savoy Hotel this coming Sunday evening. I asked Mr Hitchcock if he could use a Topman suit of mine as a starting point and reinterpret it with a unique Anderson and Sheppard twist, and the result is sensational, at least on the hanger, as its so crisp and immaculate I hardly want to try it on. The jacket is a kind of short black flannel blazer, with patch pockets and black grosgrain lapels, and the pants are matching black grosgrain (‘That’s the stuff the Prince of Wales always chooses’ Mr Hitchcock whispered), cut horizontally. He also told me that when he showed the finished article to his boss, Anda Rowland, she thought for a minute and said “Well, I suppose one would call it a Cocktail Suit”. Which is fine by me, as my cabaret is at cocktail time.

How Anderson and Sheppard made this masterpiece for me is a mystery as at the same time they were making the suits that the four Ferry brothers wore to their dad Bryan’s CBE at Buckingham Palace. Looking at those handsome kids, the tallest and most handsome my Godson Otis, with their mile-long legs makes me wonder if my cocktail suit should stay on ice: but what the hell, break out the shaker and pour me a double. With a twist. Anderson and Sheppard’s unique twist.

8 Responses to “This Suit of mine which I got recently and everybody admired.”

  1. Dear Mr. Haslam,
    You look absolutely fabulous, stunning, elegant and very much at ease!
    Laurence Hélène Breeden

  2. De-Lovely, (of course). Much Love Jan Marie Wensleydale

  3. Delightful & De-Lovely, (of course). Jan Marie Wensleydale

  4. avatar Danny says:


    The Cocktail Suit! Brilliant!
    Is the Savoy gig for one night only?


  5. avatar Gaye Tapp says:

    The length of that jacket makes the suit, along with the slightly pleated pant. Being slender helps! As to the Ferry lads-all handsome, however it is the Dad that still gets the heart racing.

  6. avatar susie says:

    Though I’m certain, that this suit of mine
    Hasnt a ghost of a chance
    In this crazy romance….

    tra la la xx

  7. avatar Anda says:

    Thank you for wearing it so well.
    From all at Anderson & Sheppard

  8. avatar Kathy says:

    I couldnt have said it any better to be honest! keep up the awesome work. You are very talented & I only wish I could write as good as you do :)
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