31 Jan 2012
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director

For years I have bored with tales of my early beginnings, the child collage artist and scrap booker pouring and pondering over mags and catalogues….to the point I began to wonder if I was making it all up. But I knew those little folios I began as a child had existed, and strangely they appeared deep under a cottage bed this summer!! God how amusing.

Now I’m trusting you not to judge me too harshly on my ‘taste’….and it was the 70′s after all. But there are a few threads that have carried on! I still love a rainbow, and fur, AND shag for that matter.

…and integrated spaces. While I may have grown out of monochromatic colour schemes….I still can’t shake the stripe addiction.

and no, I wont be cribbing this anytime soon…but I’d like to think (pretend) it was only the dry-scrubbed floorboards that drew my attention to this VERY Canadian interior.

Well, it was a start wasn’t it……

5 Responses to “Humble Beginnings…”

  1. avatar Karena says:

    Colette how exciting to discover these folios!! It is interesting how some of our tastes do start very young in life!


    Art by Karena

  2. I love these stories, they make us know people’s life and choices better

  3. avatar Libby Hartman says:

    A friend who was a young bride and home maker in the early 70s in NY drove her decorator crazy finding just the right pink cotton to have quilted for sofa upholstery. The pink had to be perfect. The idea for the quilting pattern was quite specific in detail. When her father died, one of her many duties as an only child took her to her mother’s attic and there she found her old forgotten baby blanket; pink quilted cotton in a pattern she recognised from her own grown up sofa.

  4. avatar PGT says:

    that very Canadian room only needs the proper “custom wash” to be au courant !

  5. avatar anna says:

    Actually with a little freshning these interiors/styles can be ultra high end and very stylish… I thought it would be nice to keep all my school work-have them scanned/ for inspiration. As an interior design student I Iove these type of stories.., Great job especially for the fact that you did this at such a young age.Reinventing myself at 44 I have discovered the importance of keeping track of all my work no matter what- my first project for school is a far cry from where I am now…LOL

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