21 Mar 2012
avatar Author: NH Design

Nicky is flying to South Africa tomorrow for the St Leger & Viney Design Focus event as their Keynote speaker. Nicky will be talking in Cape Town at a Reader Event at the St Leger & Viney showroom on the 26th March and then travels on to Johannesburg for his speech on the 28th at the University of Johannesburg which is hosting this years Design Focus.  Nicky’s presentation promises to be full of exciting and fascinating stories of his life, career and future projects.

4 Responses to “St Leger & Viney Design Focus”

  1. I am in S. CA. can’t make the talks but know they will be fabulous. Safe trip! xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  2. avatar PGT says:

    Now that’s EXciting. I am speaking at West Week on Inspiration- and who Inspires ME! Colette and Nicky rate in my 5. NH is the 21st century bon vivant. How Lucky we are to have Him globetrotting to Share his WisDom. there is a lovely short film about him I pop up on on you tube recently. PGT

  3. PGT i saw your West Week announcement – sounds terrific and while i cannot be there (largely because we are coming in May to launch our fabric collection…) we WILL meet finally and fatefully sometime soon – im sure of it. Look forward to reading all and its terribly flattering to hear we are receiving a mention!!!! xxx

  4. avatar CultureSW says:

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