29 Jun 2012
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director

It was a late one last night….and I remember I owed PGT a ‘moonblog‘…by special request.

Following on from my sun blog really – just because!

And because he’s fun to photograph…

Maybe secretly I dream about designing a set like a George Melies film…

or BEING in a George Melies film…

And certainly because this just came up on www.architecturelinked.com!!

A proposal for the ‘crescent moon tower’ – by Transparent Architecture in California.  Hmmm maybe NOT  - but they’re heart is in the right place I think.

And in the end, Brandt understood, and his mystical views of wartime London ruins as illuminated by moonlight cannot be surpassed.

2 Responses to “GOODNIGHT MOON.”

  1. avatar Cathy says:

    This is beautiful !
    In Malibu
    Is there a time you could come out in July ?
    Call me please
    Catherine Jean

  2. avatar pgt says:

    It’s Brilliant! pgt

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