3 Jul 2012
avatar Author: Colette Van Den Thillart
Creative Director

Some days as I walk in the park I think ‘everything today is a Cecil rose.’  (Beaton that is of course)

Cecil Beaton’s ‘BEATON BLOOM’ wallpaper.

from the fungi in Central Park…

to the plasterwork in Brno…

even the knots in our Canadian trees…

and the plaster work in my house.  They all make me hear Cecil laughing.


  1. You have an incredibly observant eye Colette. I delight in what your eyes finds. Hope all is well and have a wonderful summer………some time in Canada I hope. xo

  2. Thanks GWL….im back in Canada this month, to northern Ontario…talk about food for the eyes!! xc

  3. avatar Linnea says:

    Beaton Bloom wallpaper – mmmmmm

  4. Linnea – i agree – except i really cant deal with the signatures printed on it – what do you think??

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